The test print moment of truth!

After exporting the STL and loading it in to the virtual bed on the Zcorp print program, i could only wait the 1hour 6 minutes for it to be removed. The job cost me £12.66, as it was entirely solid and around 5.5cm cubed.

I picked up my head print the following morning as a cartridge and print head had to be replaced, but all the models in that bed load came out very well. It was very difficult to remove the head, as it was small compared to the bed but I had placed it in face up, which meant that the delicate surface detail would be exposed first. All of the excess material was shifted using a large paint brush. After removing a majority of the material we removed he metal print plate from the machine and placed it in to the extractor where we used an air brush and small vacuum extension to remove the rest of the powder.

After this i dusted, and treated the surface with a stiff brush and sculpting tools. then coating it in a cheap liquid super-glue.


I was very happy, and also surprised with the quality of the outcome of the sculpt! mostly all details were picked up including all of the individual teeth. The model took about 1 or 2 hours to clean up and set completely but the final quality massively exceeded my expectations. I feel after this i will be very happy to create the entire piece from the 3D printer. 


I was also very pleased to see no evidence of the large faces on the model, the surface is mostly very smooth and accurate. This test model was very successful and i will save it as the actual working head part, just in case I run out of time at the end.


Next I will tackle the rest of the model!



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