The Spawn print!

(warning image heavy)

So i finally printed out my spawn zbrush model! i was worried i couldn;t at first as the 3d printer only had around 14cm of powder depth left in the bed, so i re-posed my model to fit, and he came out at a very impressive 33cm in height!

All i really had to do was straighten out the arms and legs in to a new pose which would satisfy the maximum dimensions. I was impressed with the detail that the machine had captured given its age and resolution, it was rather accurate to the zbrush model with only minor details missing from the face and fingers. It was quite fragile upon removal, it took around 42 tubes of superglue to treat the entire model, the price of the glue coming to a mere £4.

I’m very surprised and happy with the result, though the model will take a while to sand due to its rough texture, i will soon be able to base coat and paint it. I will also consider making a small base for it to stand on for presentation purposes.


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