Finished Spawn figure!

Here are some of the photos of Spawn painted with a base, the base is laser cut 8mm acrylic, i created the shape in illustrators which was based on the Spawn logo. The model itself is painted in acrylics mostly watered down to a ration of 1:6 (paint to water) and layered on repeatedly. Some of the brighter colours such as the reds and creams were brushed on heavily then toned down. The shaded areas of this model were not created with blacks but dark, cold colours, and the raised areas were mild warm colours. I found this print took a few days to paint, and it was harder than i first imagined due to its rough surface, as the paint would sometimes gather in grainy areas. The base was back sprayed with black acrylic.


Initially i was going to glue the model to its base, but i later decided against it, as it was quite stable on its own; and i preferred to be able to pick the model up and handle it. I may later secure the model to its base to display it safely.



I was quite surprised about the outcome of this project as i first believed that this model would have been printed at a much lower quality making it hard to finish to a good standard, but i found that due to its size i had no such trouble. I did find the material hard to work with as it broke easily. But over all i’m very happy about the outcome of this model and i think i’d like the opportunity to use the 3D printer again for a mode advanced model.


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