My Little Wolfman

So i did a bit of Zbrush worklate one afternoon, it didnt take long but i couldn’t resist printing this model out, i love movie monsters and monsters in general and i couldnt help but want a little werewolf bust on my desk. It only took about an hour to finalise and sort out an STL file which was hollowed and perforated.

The print is about 10cm tall and cost me £23, this is using the new Z150 powders which is seemingly more stronger and whiter than the previous powder, i dont believe there is a big price difference (thankfully). Now i just have to harden the model and paint him so im pretty exciting to get this one finished, though i’d love to have a little base for him i’ll have to sort that out soon!

Pictures below, theyre a bit rubbish my camera is nearly dead, next update will be painted!

Enjoy x


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