Printed and primed charr

imgp9707 imgp9708 imgp9709 imgp9779 imgp9780 imgp9781


So heres my printed and primed toy! its two trays worth or printing and the full cost would have been around £650. The model reaches around 25cm, and has been cleaned in a pressure washer, caustic soda and a soap solution.


By this point i was totally relieved. the model stands up very well and the pieces slot together very tightly. One problem is that the ankles are a weak joint but i believed this is down to the considerable weight of the entire figure upon them.

finally i have to sand this model, the surface is still quite rough regardless of the new printer, though not as bad as the zcorp finish.


4 thoughts on “Printed and primed charr

    • hi there! no worries! this model was 3D printed. he’s created from very tiny layers of resin layered upon each other and set with a UV light (Objet24).
      And thanks for the comment!

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